Is Tropical 🌴 (à Foro Indie Rocks)

“On my school notebooks 
“On my desk and the trees 
On the sand on the snow 
”I write your name

On all flesh that says yes 
“On the forehead of my friends 
On every hand held out 
”I write your name

On absence without desire 
“On naked solitude 
On the stairs of death 
”I write your name

On health returned 
“On the risk dissapeared 
On hope without memory 
”I write your name

By the power of the word 
“I regain my life 
I was born to know you 
”And to name you


Paul Éluard, Liberté, 1942

Salad days are gone.
Charité de la mode
#allalone (à Centro Nacional de las Artes)

matthew logos by jesse jacobs